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  • HRBP The human resources department CHINA/Beijing

    1. Assisted the department head to make the relevant personnel establishment and development plan, and completed the recruitment task;

    2. Provide professional advice on human resources for department heads to make decisions on employee recruitment, promotion, change, performance evaluation and other aspects;

    3. Take inventory of key talents, understand the personnel dynamics of the department under my jurisdiction, coordinate and deal with all kinds of employee relations within the department, and reasonably solve employee demands;

    4. The promotion and implementation of corporate culture in the departments in charge;

    5. Other tasks assigned by the company.

    · bachelor degree or above, 2 years of HRBP related work experience;

    · strong recruitment ability, able to solve the contradiction between supply and demand of personnel in the rapid development of the enterprise;

    · strong initiative, able to solve problems creatively;

    · strong learning ability, able to achieve a deep understanding of the company's business and development needs.

  • Senior product designers Ministry of audit CHINA/Beijing

    1. Worked out the jewelry product creative plan according to market information, and made new product design proposal;

    2. Provide product design tailored to market needs according to brand positioning, style and standards;

    3. Arrange design tasks according to design schedule;

    4. Supervised the progress of design implementation and controlled the cost of design products;

    5. Communicate and follow up the production process with the technologist;

    6. Receive and serve advanced customization customers with professional business capacity;

    7. Strong design judgment and execution ability, and high cooperation degree of internal colleagues;

    8. Fully cooperate with the company's marketing activities;

    9. Strengthen self-learning and constantly improve artistic accomplishment and design ability.

    1. Bachelor degree or above in jewelry design, major in fine arts, strong theoretical and technical background and hand drawing ability in jewelry design;
    2. At least 5 years of relevant working experience, have a profound personal understanding of jewelry design, an open mind and a keen sense of fashion and touch;
    3. Have unique design concept and be familiar with jewelry production process;
    4. Teamwork spirit, good communication skills, and able to cooperate with the department;
    5. Please bring your hand-painted works to the interview.

  • President assistant President Office CHINA/Beijing

    1. Assisted the President in daily work, including document drafting/management, itinerary/schedule arrangement, management communication and work coordination, etc.;

    2. Participated in the communication, coordination, negotiation and follow-up affairs of the President to the company's business; Communicate and monitor all work instructions and arrangements from management

    Supervise and inspect the implementation of the work;

    3. Summarized and sorted all kinds of documents reported to the President, and coordinated the President to reply, register and archive them after timely processing; Collect and sort business information of related industries to provide basis for decision-making and analyze opinions;

    4. Assisted the President in handling external public relations, assisted the general manager in tackling and maintaining government and key customer projects;

    5. Responsible for the company's high-level business reception, participated in business negotiations, received important customer visits and effectively maintained customer relations;

    6. Coordinated internal resources and assisted management in implementing internal projects;

    7. Assisted company leaders in organizing and planning external publicity activities, such as meetings and exchanges;

    8. Responsible for organizing the minutes and contents of the meeting, reporting to the leadership for approval and confirmation of the spirit of the meeting, forwarding and conveying the implementation of each department and internal archiving and keeping as records;

    9. Assisted the leaders to coordinate the work relations between various departments and positions of the company, and implemented and implemented smoothly, playing a coordinating role of communication and transmission;

    10. Responsible for other tasks assigned by the leader.

    1. Bachelor degree or above in economics, management or finance, MBA is preferred;

    2. More than 5 years of working experience, requiring good foreign language skills and strong copywriting skills;

    3. Have unique personal opinions on enterprise management, strategic management and project management;

    4. Good at communication and communication, easy to get along with, patient and meticulous.

    5. Experience in operation management of large enterprises or assistant to President is preferred.

  • Senior designer Brand management CHINA/Beijing

    1. Responsible for brand visual creative design (we media poster, promotion advertisement, publicity page, etc.);

    2. Responsible for the design of brand visual performance, making and implementing the draft;

    3. Participate in creative discussion and make specific design conception and expression according to creative concept.

    1. Art design and related majors, bachelor degree or above;

    2. At least 5 years of working experience in visual design. Experience in advertising company, luxury goods and automobile industry is preferred.

    3. Strong aesthetic quality, unique design style, unique creative ideas, color aesthetics and strong expression ability of creative design;

    4. Understand various playing methods of "we media", have an acute sense of smell for new forms and design techniques, and can create new forms or learn to play fast;

    5. Have a deep understanding of brand concept and brand culture, and complete design tasks with high quality and efficiency.

  • Legal director justice CHINA/Beijing

    1. Draft and preliminarily review the contract and other legal documents according to the company's risk control and management requirements;

    2. Provide legal advice on product introduction and r&d projects;

    3. Collected relevant laws and regulations of the company and provided reference materials for all departments;

    4. Pay attention to the latest legal developments in the industry, and analyze the impact of new and revised laws and regulations on the company's business development;

    5. Apply and maintain intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents and domain names

    1. Bachelor degree or above in law major, obtained the lawyer practice qualification certificate;

    2. At least 3 years working experience as legal specialist or full-time lawyer in large and medium-sized enterprises;

    3. Good at corporate law, contract law, labor law, intellectual property law, advertising law, product quality law, consumer rights and interests protection law, etc.

    4. Able to independently draft and review legal documents;

    5. English can be used as a legal working language.

  • New media operations director Internet sales department CHINA/Beijing

    1. Responsible for the operation and promotion of the company's products on new media platforms such as toutiao and WeChat public accounts;

    2. Responsible for the release of new media content, fan interaction, topic creation and activity execution, etc., to maintain the growth and activity of fans;

    3. Responsible for tracking, data analysis, feedback and optimization and adjustment of new media platform promotion effect;

    4. Daily crisis management of new media.

    · at least 2 years of relevant work experience;

    · be sensitive to hot spots and familiar with the promotion means of various media platforms;

    · experience in promotion methods such as WeChat, today's headlines, and online big data marketing is preferred

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